Group Class Schedule

9:30-10:45am - Mixed - Evolution Yoga Glenview

9:15-10:30am - Mixed - Evolution Yoga Glenview
 11:00-12:00pm - Prenatal - Evolution Yoga Glenview
 12:15-1:15pm - Postnatal - Evolution Yoga Glenview

For more details on group pre/postnatal yoga click here.

Private Yoga Sessions

Discover, define or refine your practice.  Appropriate for all levels.  Whether you are looking for an introduction to yoga, or to deepen your practice, the benefits of a private session is the personal attention that is hard to obtain in a class setting.   I work with all types of students applying both structural therapeutics as well as the energetics of Ayurveda.  My private sessions are designed for your individual needs and will be help you to obtain better balance for your body and mind.

For more details on private pre/postnatal yoga click here.

Sliding scale pricing available to those in financial need.  Please contact me to find out more.

60 min - $110
75 min - $130
In Home Add - $15-$40 (depending on distance)
Additional Student Add - $10

3 or more prepaid session $95 per class (3 session minimum).  This "Commitment Discount" is offered to those who are able to commit to a regular weekly appointment (please see cancellation policy). 

Cancellation Policy:
24 hour cancellation policy; if a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your appointment your payment will be retained.  If you are able to reschedule a make up appointment for the same week there will be no additional charge.

Class Descriptions


Mixed Levels are there for those that fall under either of the listed levels (i.e., Beginner/Intermediate).  These classes are led for both levels with options to go deeper but opportunities to rest and reserve energy.  In all levels I strive to give you a strong awareness of your body and its connection to your mind, bringing you the simple and beautiful benefits of yoga.

Beginner / Level 1 is for those with some yoga experience but new to Vinyasa.  By working on the fundamentals of the poses, you will gain a better understanding of yoga’s possibilities.  Using our bodies and our breath, you will discover the meaning of Vinyasa – breath synchronized movement.  Introducing pranayama or breath work into the practice, helps unite the body with the mind. The pace is moderate but you can expect to be challenged.  We will work with both standing and seated poses to leave you feeling balanced.

Intermediate / Level 2 is for those who are ready to take their practice to the next level.  We will begin to explore more challenging poses while staying in tune with the fundamentals of alignment.  We will work with the more subtle techniques of yoga.  In these classes you will find smart, unique and creative sequences using standing poses, arm balancing and inversions as well as counter posing, pranayama (breath work) and meditation to leave you balanced and rejuvenated. 

Advanced / Level 3 is for those seasoned in yoga.  We will work with deeper types of pranayama and more advanced variations of standing poses as well as inversions and arm balances.  Their will be many opportunities to "go deeper" but remember to listen to your internal voice, it is not always best to do it because you can.

Prenatal Yoga offers many benefits that will nourish you pregnancy, prepare you for childbirth and aid in recovery. My classes offer methods to support a healthy pregnancy by using relaxation techniques and breathing.  Postures will help strengthen and tone as well as relieve tension, aches and pains that are common with pregnancy. Appropriate for any level of student and at any stage of pregnancy. Please click here for more information on the many benefits of Prenatal Yoga.

Postnatal Yoga guides you through ways to alleviate aches and pains common to new mothers with poses addressing the back, pelvis, neck, shoulders, and core stabilization. We will explore movement and breathing practices that promote rest and relaxation to help you be a more centered parent. For women who are 6 weeks to 18 months post-birth.

Baby Yoga allows you to explore yoga and basic infant massage as a way to bond with your baby while learning to support yourself physically and energetically through the postpartum period. For babies ages 6 weeks to active crawling.  Parents and caregivers are welcome to come.