My"Self"...  When I found my way to the mat in 2005, I was equally attracted to both the physical and energetic effects of yoga practice. After my 200hr certification from Moksha Yoga in Chicago, I never stopped being a student and have went on to seek the top teachers in our region.  My studies eventually brought me to the Tantric yoga tradition, a method that incorporates the subtle aspects of pranayama and meditation along with the asana (poses) to expand the internal experience.  I skillfully crafts my classes to guide students on how to connect to themselves on a more subtle level, yet feel challenged safely, while facilitating a state of balance for both body and mind. 

I constantly look for ways to deepen, enhance and embrace the experiences life gives me and yoga provides me with the tools to do that.  From my practice I gain wisdom about myself which helps me better understand the my world.  I equally love the challenges and accomplishments that yoga provides.

My Goal... I work to make yoga accessible to everyone no matter how you came to the practice.   In a world of perpetual opposition it is my goal to bring awareness and balance through this great practice.  Whether it is the energetic qualities of yoga that intrigue you or the physical challenges that drive you, in my classes you can expect creative and smart sequencing that leave you feeling balanced.  The two most common comments I get from my students are "I always learn something in your classes" and "your instruction is so accessible and clear."  As a teacher I strive to bring the simple and beautiful benefits that yoga gives me to others, a feeling of Ananda..."Ultimate Bliss"

My Yogic Journey into Motherhood...I have been dedicated to supporting and empowering women with yoga as an experienced pre/postnatal yoga specialist since 2007. I offer group classes, private lessons, couples classes and workshops including Yoga for Labor and The Pregnant Practice.  I have been training teachers to specialize in the perinatal life stage in Chicago since 2010 and co-founded The Amala School of Prenatal Yoga, which offers a 95 hour teacher training and other programs in Chicago.

Through my own need for information as I anticipated my own transition into motherhood I dove in reading countless numbers of books and studying with some of the best prenatal teachers in the area; Jenny Fishman, Rhonda Cantor, and Lela Beem,  A whole new world opened up to me, one where women help each other up, supported and loved each other, it was beautiful and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. 

Pose 101 - IMG_2055.JPG

When I started teaching yoga to pregnant women and truly understanding what I was doing I was sure it was my calling. I felt an immense connection to womankind. I loved being able to relate and connect with women through yoga on a deeper level.  I felt confident that I was truly making a difference in their lives during what is such a major transition.  Ultimately it is my students who are my greatest influence, the hundreds of women I have reached, and the many more I am yet to meet.  To have the privilege of witnessing women be so dedicated to themselves, their babies and families, feeling more relaxed, feeling stronger, being among each other, supporting each other, I am forever grateful.  I never leave a prenatal class without feeling overjoyed and eager to do it again.


My other passion...Also a skilled photographer I offer my talents to fellow yogis for personal and professional use and to expecting mothers as a birth photographer. Visit the photography page to learn more.