There are many ways I can help support you through your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experience. 
See all the options below and contact me with any questions.

Working with Cassie was the empowering experience I needed when I was postpartum and otherwise feeling very raw and vulnerable. Her passion for working with pregnant and postpartum women is obvious. Her kind, warm, patient approach to teaching made me feel safe, stable, and more confident. Cassie is compassionate, empathetic person and an expert instructor - she knew exactly how to help me learn to help myself in my recovery process. I feel stronger and more mindful than before because of the sessions I spent with her - I really can’t thank her enough for helping me learn to move and breathe through this important new stage of my life.
— Rachel, (Deerfield, IL)

Prenatal Yoga

Group Classes
Saturdays 8:30-9:30am
Grateful Yoga
Evanston, Il

Prenatal yoga is appropriate for any level of student and is geared towards expectant parents, those who are preparing for pregnancy, and those supporting someone who is pregnant. This class offers methods to support a healthy pregnancy by using relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and postures to strengthen and tone the body, as well as relieve tension and common aches and pains. 


Postnatal Yoga


Postnatal Class Series

Specially focused to offer you tools and techniques for optimizing your postpartum recovery.  Understandhow to heal and feel more balanced while accessing your community of support.  Alleviate aches and pains common to new mothers with poses addressing the back, pelvis, core stabilization and neck and shoulders. Learn relaxation, movement and breathing practices that promote rest and relaxation to feel more centered. For women who are 6 weeks to 18 months post-birth. No babies are present.

Cassie Rodgers has been a true blessing for me! After an extremely challenging pregnancy, complicated premature delivery, and difficult recovery, it was Cassie who helped pull me through it. I sustained Diastastis Recti, an 8 cm separation in my abs, from pregnancy-related complications and my body never returned to its pre-pregnancy shape. It was emotionally devastating when people were congratulating me and asking me when I was due – months after my baby was already born! I did not feel comfortable in my own body. I enrolled in Cassie’s post-natal yoga class. Through her guidance, I learned what Diastastis Recti is and ways to heal – both emotionally and physically. Cassie has a special way of making you feel truly cared about and, most importantly, she guided me back to reconnecting with my inner strength and caring about myself! I cannot offer a higher recommendation for Cassie and her unique practice designed to assist women through the magical journey of pregnancy. I am happy to share that I am back to my pre-pregnancy shape, both physically and emotionally…and I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl, too. I am very grateful to be a student of Cassie Rodgers.
— Jill (Glenview, IL)

Private Pre/Postnatal Support

Tailored to suit your specific needs and goals a private session might be one of the best best gifts you could receive or give yourself during your pregnancy or postpartum recovery.  Your session will be customized for your life, your body, on that day, designed to focus on your goals, whether it is relaxation, fitness, alleviate aches and pains, connecting with your baby, preparation for birth, or other life events. Experience the extensive benefits of practicing yoga while pregnant.  Although benefits are realized in just 1 session, a minimum of 3 classes is recommended to achieve maximum results. 

Click here for pricing information.  Partner, group and sliding scale rates are available. 

I worked with Cassie while I was pregnant, which was great, but I had no idea how much I would need her during my postpartum recovery. I was struggling emotionally and physically from an emergency cesarean until I reached out to work one-on-one with Cassie. She helped me process my experience and allowed me to begin healing through my practice. We worked on movements specific to my recovery both physically and emotionally. She took notes at each session in preparation for our next meeting. She sent me home with customized work to do between sessions and often drew pictures to remind me how to do the suggested movements. Working with Cassie was extremely beneficial for my mood as well as my energy - both vitally important as a new mom!
— Maggie (Evanston, IL)

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga

Come together with other new parents in a casual community setting for this 45 minute class. You will explore yoga as a way to bond with your baby while learning how to support yourself physically and energetically through the postpartum period. You will also learn which poses and techniques can help alleviate common problems with babies including basic infant massage.

Class is for babies ages 6 weeks to active crawling.  One adult and one child for $20, additional adult is $10 (Partners are absolutely welcome). Pre-registration not required, but recommended. Class size limited to 12 families.

Birth Photography

I consider it to be an honor and privilege to be invited to capture the birth of your baby. 
Please see my portfolio and contact me for pricing information.