I worked for many years as a photographer at Stuart-Rodgers Photography. I still offer my photography talent to fellow yogi's for business and personal use.  With my knowledge of alignment in asana and skills as a photographer I use studio and/or ambient lighting with simple backdrops to highlight the asana allowing for sharp and dramatic images. My goal is to capture your individual essence and expression of the practice in a way that feels natural. 

One hour provides ample time to provide both head shots and asana photos unless there are more extensive needs. Prior to your shoot we will discuss your vision.  You should come prepared with idea's on which poses you would like to do based on your use for the photos (website, flyers, workshops, etc...).  Remember who your audience is and what you are aiming to represent with your photos. Think about also incorporating mudra's, and accessories such as props, mala beads, bowls, fabrics, or anything that you think will make your images more personal. 

Come warmed up and ready to move your body with ease. We will start with the headshot so that you look fresh and then move into the poses. Clothing should be simple, avoid patterns and choose dark solid colors as they work best. Come with some variety and I will help you narrow it down.

Session Types, Pricing and Galleries

In Studio Sessions (Evanston location)
$200 per hour

In studio provides more controlled lighting, simple backdrops, as well as a natural light option. These sessions are done at Stuart-Rodgers Photography in Evanston at 2504 Green Bay Road.  Parking is available in the front of the store front.

Pose 095 (IMG_3607) Romantic.jpg

On-Location Sessions (travel fee’s may apply)
$225 per hour
Outdoors or in a space that provides natural light I can compose images that reflect the beauty of the subject against the complimenting surroundings.  We can discuss together the optimal elements to create the best images. 

Pregnacy and New Baby Photography
Prenatal and new baby photography capture the essence of this precious time in life. Studio or location fee's apply. 

Birth Photography
The process and journey into motherhood is one of the most special things to be a witness to.  Photos to commemorate your precious ones arrival will be treasured for a lifetime.  Contact me for pricing and scheduling information.