Yoga Teacher Mentoriship


One-on-One Mentorship providing an opportunity to have a supportive, educational and honest relationship.  The mentee will gain insight into ways to depend their own practice and understanding and be guided towards developing their skills as a teacher.  This program is available for both regular group classes and prenatal classes.

Total apprenticeship hours: 12 contact + home study and reflection

Time commitment: 2 months
One-on-one hours: 1.5
Journaling/reflection time: 3x week
Class observation hours: A minimum of 8

Program Details:
After providing a statement of intent, and an initial private meeting to establish your specific needs and goals you will observe 8 classes where you are free to take notes.  A second meeting half way through the program will be a chance to address specific concepts such as sequencing, language, subtle body, personal challenges, and marketing skills.  Over the course you will also write 4 class plans to be reviewed and have a chance to lead a segment of class to be observed by Cassie to be reviewed at a final private meeting.

Cassie will be available via email and phone call throughout your time together.   

Cost: $350
Additional coaching sessions by phone or in person will cost $50.