Brown Yoni

Brown  w/ Fancy Jasper
Brown  w/ Carnelian
Brown w/ Amazonite
Brown  w/ Fancy Jasper
Brown  w/ Carnelian
Brown w/ Amazonite

Brown Yoni


Brown yonis may represent and connect you with the earth element. Find stability and groundedness with Her power. When you choose a brown yoni you can choose either Fancy Jasper, Carnelian or Amazonite to pair it with. Your yoni will be intuitively selected from the current on-line stock.

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These necklaces are handmade, infused  with mantra representing the power of the Divine Feminine. Ceramic Yonis are hand molded, glazed and seeded with glass to mirror each woman's inner beauty.  They are strung with adjustable nylon cord (up to 24") and paired with a precious gemstone that activates the desired qualities you would like to nurture.


Yonis come in all different shapes and colors.  Yours may vary slightly from the ones pictured.  Online inventory is limited.  Tax and shipping added at checkout.

Suggested Uses:

Honor your own inner Goddess by wearing Her as a reminder, placing Her on your alter or meditating with Her in your sacred worship using the Mantra offered or one of your own.  Wear her as a gentle signal to your partner of where you are in your cycle.  Offer Her as a sacred gift to a loved one who is stepping into a new stage in the cycle of womanhood.

Gems and their meanings:

Amazonite – Hope, Courage and Truth        
Relives anxiety and releases toxic emotions
Helps to move beyond fear and towards true expression
Guides you to discover your own truth and integrity
Provides freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings
Rejuvenating for the heart and throat chakra
Mantra – I can achieve anything I set my mind to

Carnelian – Confidence, Power of True Expression
Brings out childlike playfulness and spontaneity
Brings out hidden talents, mental focus and creativity
Eases tension and stress
Stimulates the root chakra and represents the lower three chakras
Mantra – I am courageous and confident

Fancy Jasper – Tranquility, Creativity, Strength
Calms overactive emotions, heals environments or situations
Brings a sense of completeness and tranquility in the present moment
Promotes creativity and encourages idea’s into action
Helps to focus and increase concentration
Facilitates strength, courage and determination
Balancing for physical, mental and emotional bodies
Balances and aligns all the chakras
Mantra – I abide calmly in the present